Mergers & Acquisitions


GREA's Mergers & Acquisitions-services are mainly concentrated on the advisory regarding the purchase or the sale of single properties, property portfolios, real estate corporates or parts of it. Potential client demands subsume the following:

  • Professional selection of appropriate acquisition targets or exit scenarios
  • Decision-making by means of feasibility studies, market and competition analyses
  • Execution of market tests at a high level of confidentiality
  • Organisation of professional and customised sales processes
  • Extension and/ or diversification of the investor network
  • Achievement of real estate or corporate sales at the highest prices possible

Equity Advisory

GREA understands equity advisory as subsuming tasks regarding the sourcing of equity capital (i.e. by means of IPOs, equity offerings or private placements) to finance real estate-related plans. Primary services performed by GREA include:

  • Development of a transaction strategy
  • Formulation of an equity story
  • Investor identification and -marketing
  • Roadshow organisation
  • Research (mapping)
  • Corporate valuation
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Project management

Debt Advisory

Debt Advisory in the GREA context covers advisory services that are necessary to expand, to restructure, to refinance, to reduce or even to invest in real estate-related debt. A detailed analysis and subsequent optimization of the debt financing structure can allow clients with real estate holdings or projects to increase the return on equity, to diversify or to expand the capital network, to release equity for other purposes or even to integrate external know-how carriers.


Given its credit and real estate markets know-how, GREA can also act as an advisor in the commercial due diligence of potential debt investments.

Investment Management

A further element of GREA's business activities refers to the inception and management of customised non-listed real estate funds. In this context, GREA combines all of the activities described above within one vehicle:



Given its broad network in the German real estate market, GREA continuously sources both "on" and "off"-market investment possibilities with the ability to navigate a full buy-side due diligence i.e. performaing the commercial due diligence internally while choosing the appropriate external partners for carrying out the legal, tax and technical due diligence.


Capital structuring

GREA strives to find the ideal combination of debt and equity financing to achieve best results for all stakeholders.



In the course of the management of the properties, GREA can rely on profound experiences in the selection of and collaboration with professional property managers to optimize the asset portfolio.



Finally, GREA's team members have collected long-term expertise in identifying and realising the optimal exit strategy.


The identification and implementation of the optimal structural set up can be assumed by the affiliates of GREA's strategic partner FinDeal.

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